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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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chief mark carlson joins us live tonight. mark, the parents you've talked to say even march first is still way too soon to make the switch? parents are worried their kidsds will lose acacess to care on march 1st. they say they can't get answers and they feel stuck. "i made a deal with iowa, i adopted colin through dhs, he's a special needs boy, they said, iowa said, we'll take care of him, you love him, we'll take care of him, and they're not holding up their end of the deal. " this is jejef edberg's 13 year old son, colin.n. he receives 24 hour care in an intermediate care facility, or group home, with about 40 others. colin depends on medicaid -- but jeff says with march 1st looming -- he has no idea what's next. -- and he voiced his concerns to congressman dave loebsack friday. "this system, however, is complicated, it's hard to understand, you can't get
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future is uncertain. " patty rodriguez says her daughter pamela is only alive because of medicaid. but she's in limbo because even after filing all the necessary paperwork, she hasn't heard anything from the s ste about pamelels new coverage. "if she's not able to have the regular doctors appointments and treatments that she needs, she can die because we have no money, we have no savings because i haven't been able to work. " "if it can be derailed a lot of these folks would be very happy about that, i don't know that it can be, but if there's a further delay that may be the best way to make sure, the bottom line, that the services that are being provided now continue to be provided. " congressman dave loebsack says he plans to take these
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and the federal medicaid offices. he's already written governor branstad to express his concerns. the bottom line -- tonight there are many parents across the state who want swers. "for the people outside it's just one more girl, but for us, she's our world, she's the whole world to us and i don't know what can happen, but i don't want to lose her. " the response from the governor's office tonighgh says they're working towards that impementation date of march 1. they say these changes will help improve health, offer more preventative services, reduce hospal visits and save money. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. iowa senate president pam jochum of dubuque has said she doesn't think the state will be ready for the mecaid transition by march first, or any time soon. she has concerns that a new system without proper oversight could
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iowans. a report earlier this month said the state needs to hire 134 additional workers and spend as much as 17-million dollars more a year to achieve that oversight. the report came from a multi-agency workgroup that included iowa's long- term care omdsman and the iowa d dartment of public health. and one eastern iowa medicaid provider says it hasn't received any payments for patient serces since january first. tonight on t-v nine news at ten, hear how the delays could seriously affect treatments for mental health patients in rural iowa. thee have now been 360 cases of the mumps in the state sie july, including a recent one at clayton ridge high school. superintendent shane wahls says the student is now in the care of a doctor. a letter was sent home to parents telling them of the case. johnson county has the most people in the state with mumps at 265. the majority of those are from the outbreak on
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meteteologist joe winters s ins us now with your first forecast. what's ahead for tonight? while the east coast digs out from a potentially record storm high pressure keeps control of the weather in eastern iowa. after a quiet saturday the hh slides to the east bringing a bb more southerly air into the state. despite more clouds on sunday it looks like a milder day with highs in the lower to middle 30s should occur. the next chance for measureable snowfall comes on monday. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: gradual clearing low: 9-15 winds: n 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 26-32 winds: sw 5-15 back to you. remember that bomb threat at iowa city west high school tuesday mororng? well, iowa city police e y this man called it in
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a bank. 30 year old clifton brinkmeyer now faces a threat of terrorism charge, in addition to a second degree robbery charge. police say brinkmeyer robbed the u-s bank branch at 1117 william street in iowa city around nine tuesday morning. that's on the opposite side of iowa city from west high school. police arrested him shortly after the robbery, and they found a phone in his car that they say he used to make the bomb threat. more than two thousand students had to evacuate west high school. johnson county also had to move a polling place for a special election that had been at the school. dubuque is getting 31 and a half million dollars to help in the bee branch watershed, an area that commonly floods. the city partnered with the state to apply for the federal funds to repair and flood proof homes. more than four years ago, water backed up sewers and poured into basements on the city's north end. kcrg t-v nine's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann shows us where those millions
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when it rains, it pours. and in dubuque,e, when it popos.. 2:57:20 " all the water gets in those steep hillsides and bluffs and rushes down to the low land." that low land on the city's north end is made up for about 1400 homes. in the past 14 years that area has been declared a presidential disaster area six different times. leaving behind repeated damage home's foundations. 2:2::10 "their heaters, their water heaters, appliances. mold is in all of those homes now. that has to be mitigated." the city will assess those basements and use 8 million dollars of the grant money to rehabilitate the homes and replace damaged appliances. 2:59:30 "in the end it's going to increase the values of those homes for the neighbors who have lost a lot of their value." critics argue this program is throwing public money at a private problem. but governor brandstad disagrees. 2:38:02 "it is a p plic problem.
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all have. we need to reduce flooding." dubuque is currently in the middle of it's 200 million dollar bee branch project in which the city is day-ligiging and expanding this massive storm basin. that will keep storm water from reeking havoc on these homes once again. the remaining money from the hud grant will be used to complete storm sewer rereirs on both kaufmannnnvenue and locust street. in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. hud awarded almost 97 million dollars to all of iowa through thnational disaster resilience grant. in the application, the iowa economic development authority highlighted what it calls the "iowa watershed approach." that has six goals including rededing flood risk, improving water quauaty and improving quality of life to flood- prone communities in the state. has found a new way to save some money. help the diststct power up. stay with tv9. " 6:21 i would say the state has
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smaller schools." a small schl district in cedar county is taking iowa's problem of low supplemental state aid for education into its own hands. the bennett school district has found an innovative way to reduce expenses. theheistrict has installed solar panels onto its school. and it says it's already seeing the savings. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie joins us in the studio. jill, how is this creating a savings, if the district's spending money o o the project? we're told the entire project
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tag of nearly half a million dollars. the schools have to follow guidelines as to what pools of money they can use for district needs. this solar project is a way to use money from a couple of healthy funds to create savings in another - the general fund. almost the entire roof of the bennett school is now covered with solar panels. they were installed just before this current school year started. district leaders are already preparing for a second phase, which includes installing more solar panels on the ground. superintendent dave larson says the goal is to eventually become 100- percent dependant on their solar production for electricity needs. he says this project all started when money in n e general fund kept decreasing without enough money coming in from the state. "16:06 we have one teacher per grade level and support people, so we don't have that flexibility to make a larger classroom setting or lay teachers off so it comes down to being
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the district also installed new electric-run heating and cooling systems. the superintenden t says this entire project is expected to save the district about 50 to 60 thousa dollars a year in that general fun the next roundndf solar panels is slated to go in the ground this spring. beth and bruce? east dubuque school superintendent greg herbst is now a finalist for the superintenden t's job in galena, illinois. herbst has been in east dubuque for five years. the school board recently apologized for putting herbst on administrative leave in august, bubuit never gave a reason for the leave. he's one of three candidates for the job in galena. two of iowa's best high school teams willace off tonight. and hear how iowa state is hoping to keep its momentum going tomorrow against t-c-u.
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record storm high pressure keeps control of the weather in eastern iowa. after a quiet saturday the high slides to the east bringing a bit more southerly air into the state. despite more clouds on
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the lower to middle 30s should occur. the next chance for measureable snowfall comes on monday. have a great night and a safe weekend. tonight: gradual clearing low: 9-15 winin: n 5-10tomorrow: momoly sunny high: 26-32 winds: sw 5-15tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 18-24 winds: sw 5-15sunday: increasing
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high: 34 - low: 21 monday: snow likely high: 31 - low: 27 tuesday: cloudy high: 24 - low: 19 wednesday: chance of snow late high: 29 - low: 14 thursday: partly cloudy high: 34 - low: 19 friday: chance of snow high: 35 - low: 21 thanks joe. up next tonight, josh previews
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game between anamosa and mount vernon. and the iowa players talk about starting 6-0 in the big 10. scott has that story. stay with tv9.
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foototll news..irecruiting coordinator seth wallace will be the hawkeyes new linebackers coach. they will hire a new recruiting coordinator. to hoops and the hawkeyes are 6-0 in the big 10 for the first time since 1987. petet jok orched the net the for a career high 29 and anthony clemons and jarrod uthoff both had 20 in the 90-76 win over rutgers. uthoff went over the 1,000 point
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we had some cold spells they hit a couple of shots but we were able to hit those big 3's. they just kept finding me so all had to do is make those big shots but we still to pick it up on the defense end. clemmons was spectacular i though clemmons or woodbury could of been the player of the game and that is with pete getting 29 and jarrod 20. another example of us moving the ball and doing what we need to do on the road and scoring 90 points. :27 oc: "90 points " iowa will have a big one sunday at carver agagast purdue. and that t me is sold out. the cyclones will try to keep the momentum going tomorrow at tcu. the clones are back to .500 in the big 12 after upsetting top ranked ranked oklahoma 82- 77. this is cant be our mountain top i don't want it to be our mountain top. great things in store for us but we have to continue to do the right things and push the envelope and if we do that good things will happen. you can see with
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is a lot of good teams so we are gonna beat each other up. you just have to stay the course. tcu is real under rated they are good. they do a good job of playing with their mismatches they are going to try to jam me and jameel down low and they have some guards that can make plays. the biggest t ing is coming out and not letting them control the tempo. :34 oc: "control the tempo " two of the hottest teams in eastern iowa will face off tonight in mount vernon when the mustangs host anamosa.. josh christensen
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2 c1 3 2 c1 3 we had a top 10 match with a couple of the future hawkeyes at linn-mar tonight. the lions entertained wahlert. scott westerberg
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ladies firsrs they had a double header on kcrg 9.2 tonight. regina hosted north cedar. and finally the second ranked iowa wrestling one last look at the forecast,
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one last look at the forecast, joe... while the east coast digs out from a potentially record storm high pressure keeps control of the weather in eastern iowa. after a quiet saturday the high slides to the east bringing a bit more southerly air into the state. despite more clouds on sunday it looks like a milder day with highs in the lower to middle 30s should occur.r.he next chancncfor measureable snowowll comes on monday. have a great night and a safe weekend. thanks joe. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope to have you here again
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